Since a lot of people have already doxed me, here’s some info you might be interested in.


I prefer the comfort of my sofa, but sometimes certain people trick me into leaving it temporarily. Here’s a (hopefully updated) map of the places I’ve been to:


I really don’t like coffee. However, I consider myself a tea addict. My favourite flavour is orange & rooibos. If you want to make me happy, any tea will do the trick.

Science Fiction

My favourite author is Isaac Asimov, closely followed by exurb1a. Also, if I managed to configure the site correctly, the light theme should contain a lot of Hooloovoo.


Please, don’t ask me to sing anything. Thank you.

Full-time Cat Owner

Cats. The Ancient Egyptians held them in the highest esteem. Cats are going to rule the world some day. Until then, I take pride in being the slave of my feline companions.

Twitter Personality

I like to think that I’m pretty popular on Twitter. My follower count isn’t high, but at least I managed to pass 100 followers.

Capture-The-Flag Contests

This is probably why you are here. In 2019, I was a member of C0Br@. The same year I moved to HTsP, and I’ve been playing CTFs with them ever since. HTsP is like a second family to me and I don’t plan on leaving them anytime soon.

I was also a member of Romania’s 2019 ECSC team, which managed to win the first place in the finals. With some luck, I’ll qualify for the 2020 team as well.

Hack The Box

After getting my OSCP, I started rooting boxes on HTB. You can find my profile at the bottom of this page. Also, if you didn’t crack the Invite challenge, here’s the public link for non-regisered users.